Kayak   81" x 108"

Mimosa Sky   36" x 48"

Red Passage    36" x 48"


Echo   48" x 36"

Artist / Designer


In the recent work from Houston artist Maggi Battalino, one finds a transformation and sophistication in exploration of depth and figure, challenging the notion edge.

The exploration of depth works effortlessly​ through the manipulation of color intensity and transparency, allowing the viewer a varied experience at various distances. True also is the appearance of the implied edges of circular figures, familiar to the work of Battalino, which begins to be the subject of the obsession.

The notion of edge, however, is challenged in this figure, as never does one find circles, only the implied palimpsest of the figure. The kinetic quality of the figure, as well as the composition, is enhanced by the continuation and implied condition of movement through traces left by the application technique.

The condition of the edge and notion of visual depth are further challenged at another scale, as a result of the painting's boundaries being assaulted, ever so subtly by the implied continuation of figure and color. The work seems to be an enlargement or exploration into something deeper, and exists only as a fragment of a view to a greater condition.