MFAH METROLight Rail Station


Artist / Designer



My vision for the Museum District Station is an interactive sculpture. This neighborhood community of people, health sciences, art, architecture, learning, history and places of worship is dynamic, interactive, educational and inspiring.

As you approach the station, your first awareness will be the simultaneous presence of both the platform and the canopy, identified by the repetition of contrasting circular elements. Colored, textured concrete in the platform below, via transparency, the brightness of light and space flowing through the fluid design of the glass canopy overhead is completed by the dimension of interactive human space between surfaces, creating an ever changing series of joyful moments experienced and savored by the individual.

When you step off the train, you have the opportunity to be an integral part of this performance, whether you are standing in the human dimension sized circles on the platform, moving through the space, sitting on benches, leaning on the railing, finding your direction by viewing the station maps, or observing your surroundings.

                                                                                                  Maggi Battalino, Artist